Development Trust

The trustees of the Railway Development Trust have held their second meeting and are forging ahead with their work. This involves studies of the benefits of rail transport for the community, and how to broaden public knowledge of this.

First priority is to expand and catalogue a large body of material ranging from a report on reducing carbon dioxide emissions from transport to a study on the effect of the Settle-Carlisle line on the local economy.

It is aimed to have an easily readable catalogue with the material readily accessible during the next few months.

Updating the costs and benefits of a new station is another project, on which RDS expert Ken Davies is working, and which the trust hopes to publish by the end of the year.

Longer-term projects will look at how accessibility to and from railway stations can make rail a socially inclusive means of transport.

The trust is financially independent of RDS and is currently funded by donations. The seven trustees are Peter Rayner, Trevor Garrod, David Bigg, Ron Cotton, Michael Caton, Michael Beckett and John Saunders.

The trustees have applied for the Trust to be registered as a charity and at the time of writing this application is being considered by the Charity Commissioners.

The treasurer, David Bigg, would welcome further donations, large or small. Please make cheques payable to the Railway Development Trust and send to him at Eye-Level, 76 Maldon Road, Witham, Essex, CM8 1HP.

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